Privacy Policy

Unlistr takes your privacy seriously. Our customers have told us they want to see clear, easy-to-read information about our privacy commitments and policy. In this Privacy Policy, you and your means you the user. We, us or our means Unlistr, a wholly owned subsidiary of J&H Web Technologies, LLC. At Unlistr, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers. We respect the privacy of our customers and we believe you have the right to expect that information you entrust to us will be treated with appropriate discretion subject to this Policy. As part of our Privacy Policy, we have adopted the following principles to serve as standards.

Recognition of Customer's Expectations of Privacy

Unlistr recognizes that you have the right to expect your personal information to remain private and secure. While certain information is critical to providing quality service, we cannot overlook the fact that one of our most important assets is our customers' trust. Therefore, the safekeeping of customer information is a priority at Unlistr.

What Unlistr Does Not Collect

Unlistr does not collect your password. Further, Unlistr will not access your email for any reason other than providing unsubscribe and junk email related services through its applications (e.g., iOS, Google Play, Outlook).

What Unlistr Does Collect

To help improve Unlistr and to enable it to help you unsubscribe from unwanted email, Unlistr may collect anonymous crash data and user analytics (including, without limitation, OS statistics, hardware/software specifications, app usage, unsubscribe stats, information about bulk email senders, email data and traffic details). Furthermore, by using the Unlistr Issue and Bug Tracker, you may submit us information such as your email address. We may use and collection information about you to the extent necessary to administer our business, provide exceptional service, and mitigate potential risks or losses to Unlistr.

Limitations on Access to Information

At Unlistr, employee access to personally identifiable customer information will be limited to those with a business reason for knowing such information. Employees are trained on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of customer information. All Unlistr employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of customer information and any employee who violates these privacy principles will be subject to disciplinary measures.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information

Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, it is Unlistr's policy not to reveal specific information about customer accounts or other personally identifiable data to unaffiliated third parties for their independent use unless: 1) the information is provided to help complete a customer-initiated transaction; 2) the customer requests or authorizes it; 3) the disclosure is required or allowed by law, including, without limitation, subpoena, investigation of fraudulent activity, requested by regulator; 4) data acquisition related relationships or 5) the customer has been informed about the possibility of disclosure for marketing purposes through a prior notice.

Governance of Terms of Use

Your use of Unlistr and this website is subject to's Terms of Use located on and is incorporated herein this Privacy Policy and made a part hereof for all purposes as if set word for word herein. In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use shall supersede, govern and control.