Defend Your Inbox.

Unlistr is an intelligent tool that helps manage and unsubscribe unwanted email.

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A better inbox
A better inbox!

Unlistr helps clean up your email.

Filter Unwanted Emails
Inbox Intelligence

Unlistr securely finds unwanted email in your inbox.

Unlistr is FREE!
& Widely Compatible

Auto Unsubscribe

Unlistr intelligently unsubcribes

Select and Opt Out
Feature Packed

Unlistr is FREE, but better with PRO

Upgrade to PRO!

Email should be easier.

Unlistr empowers you with unmatched unsubscribe technology.

Best of all, it's native, secure and widely compatible.

  • 1Install Unlistr on iOS or Android.
  • 2Select the email senders you don't want.
  • 3Unlistr takes care of the rest.
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