Unlistr for Outlook Launch and Mobile App Updates

We're proud to announce Unlistr for Outlook, a plugin for Outlook to help you unsubscribe unwanted emails on Outlook 2010+ for Windows. We've also completely updated our mobile applications!

One-Click Unsubscribe in Outlook

Outlook email can be draining. Especially for busy professionals who use Outlook for daily communications. Let's face it. As a professional, or home user of Outlook, it's too easy to get subscribed to email you don't want. Been to a conference? Given your business card out? It's very likely that someone is opting you in. With Unlistr for Outlook, you get the following:

Contextual unsubscribe option within your Outlook ribbon whenever you need it.

Or, clean up an entire folder in one click, and permanently unsubscribe.

Just sit back and relax!

Click here to learn more about Unlistr for Outlook.


After you purchase your license, you will receive a download link and a license key. If you have any problems, visit our Support page above.

Unlistr for Mobile 2.6.0

We're also proud to annouce a substantial update to our apps on iOS and Google Play:

  • Improved user experience with a new side panel
  • Faster processing
  • Updated icons and workflow
  • New unsubscribe methods
  • Learn more about our mobile apps here ...