Unlistr 2.0 and New Website Launch

We've updated our look, integrated great new features and incorporated your feedback! Also, to coincide with Unlistr 2.0 being released on iOS and Android, we've launched our new website. Come take a look at our biggest milestone yet.

What's New?

Foremost, thank you all for the support over the past year. Your suggestions were heard! Here's a quick look at what's new in Unlistr 2.0 for iOS and Google Play:

  • Allows you to scan, select and automatically unsubscribe multiple email senders
  • Brand new website and, by popular demand, a blog to keep you updated about us
  • Supports app-specific password if your email service uses two-factor authentication methods
  • New logo and flat design for better experience
  • Split screen on tablets (iOS)
  • Better Gmail Apps support and easier email setup
  • Auto support for Mail.com, Zoho, ATT, Comcast, Outlook and more
  • Start a scan, close and Unlistr push notifies when scan results are ready
  • Check off items to unsubscribe, close and Unlistr push notifies when unsubscribing complete
  • Integrates new unsubscribe definitions
  • Now auto replies with unsubscribe in subject when applicable
  • Performance improvements

To provide continuous updates and more consistent experience to our users, Unlistr Pro is now available as an in-app subscription. We have discontinued the stand-alone Unlistr Pro app. However, Unlistr Pro 1.5 will continue to receive unsubscribe definition updates.

Press Release

Below is our official press release. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

Unlistr 2.0 for iOS and Android helps users eliminate unwanted email.

Houston, USA — May 6, 2014 — Unlistr 2.0 is now available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. Unlistr is an email productivity app that helps email users select and automatically unsubscribe unwanted email. Using patent-pending technology, Unlistr relays unsubscribe requests when safe, processes unsubscribe links and performs other automated unsubscription tasks. Unlistr also provides customizable features such as the ability to add multiple email accounts and target folders/archives.

In the newly designed mobile version of Unlistr, users can now scan and selectively unsubscribe email senders from the background using the iOS or Android notification area. Additionally, new unsubscribe "definitions" will be pushed directly to the app through a cloud service similar to virus protection software. By using a "definition" service, Unlistr claims to be able to safely unsubscribe 98% of ads, promotions, notifications, newsletters and other subscription email. However, for safety reasons, Unlistr is not designed to eliminate phishing, hacking or other illegal email.

As a result of increased email marketing, users of email are looking for better ways to manage email. According to Unlistr's research, the number of emails sent and received will grow to 132 billion by 2017. Furthermore, the recovery time for being interrupted by unwanted email is now longer than a phone call. Mobile push notifications for email are also causing increased interruptions, reduced battery life and crowded notification bars.

For most email service providers, the process of setting up an email address to work with Unlistr is now easier and automated. Keeping privacy and security in mind, Unlistr also uses native IMAP/POP technology and encryption when connecting to a mailbox. Because the experience is native, email and passwords are not collected or shared by Unlistr or third parties. Second, Unlistr's IMAP and POP native compatibility allows connection to almost any email account including Google Apps, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Zoho and local cable/DSL providers of email service such as ATT and Comcast.

Pricing and Availability

Unlistr is available on the App Store and Google Play for free and does not contain advertisements. However, users can upgrade to the PRO version for 99¢ / mo. PRO features are listed below:

  • Manage multiple email accounts
  • Scan multiple email accounts at once
  • Unsubscribe 1,000+ emails per scan
  • Target labels and sub-folders
  • Scan spam/junk folder to reduce necessity for filtering
  • Schedule background scans on a custom schedule
  • Enter notification area and unsubscribe from junk emails daily, weekly or monthly
  • Premium high-priority support

Additional Information

Contact Unlistr

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Contact us for screenshots, icons and other related media or visit the App Store or Google Play.