Drowning In Outlook Email?Unlistr for Outlook 2010+ (PC) helps you unsubscribe to keep your inbox lean.
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Subscription Center

Captures your subscriptions into a single place for easy unsubscribing.

One Click Unsubscribe

When viewing an email, click the unsubscribe button in your ribbon and Unlistr takes care of the rest.

Customized Search and Filtering

Manage your senders in the subscription center and sort by frequency, domain and last sent.

Works With Any Email Address

If the email address is connected to Outlook (including Exchange), Unlistr will work for you.

Always Updated

Unlistr has a built in updater to make sure your software is always up to date.

Target Folders

Right-click a folder and unsubscribe every sender in that folder.

Batch Unsubscribe

Multi-select multiple emails and simply click unsubscribe in the ribbon.

Sends Unsubscribes

Unlistr safely relays unsubscribe requests through your sent items. It also monitors and skips IP addresses blacklisted by the internet community.

Manage Multiple Accounts

After you install Unlistr, it automatically connects to multiple existing and future accounts setup in Outlook.

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