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Enhance Your Mobile EmailSave time, simplify and be more productive with Unlistr for iOS and Android! Now 100% FREE.


Unlistr doesn't collect or know your email and password because it connects natively on your device (IMAP/POP over SSL).

Unmatched Detection Technology

Unlistr is awesome at cleaning up your email. It knows what can be unsubscribed and how to stop unwanted emails.

Skips Bad Senders

Don't worry about Unlistr increasing your junk. It monitors and skips IP addresses blacklisted by the internet community.

Any Email Account

Unlistr works with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, ATT or any other email account that supports IMAP/POP including Exchange.

Multiple Email Accounts

Setup as many email accounts as you want with Unlistr. Then, you can scan all of your accounts and unsubscribe in just a few steps.

Flexible Scan Size

Set Unlistr to scan only a certain number of emails or a significant amount depending your needs.

Designate Specific Folders and Labels

Unlistr can sweep chosen folders and labels such as SPAM or even your old email archive.

Set a Schedule

Unlistr notifies you when emails are ready to be unsubscribed. Simply swipe away in your mobile notifications.

Ignored List

Unlistr skips over email senders that you choose to keep. Your unblocked list is then maintained for future reference.

Unlistr Is Available On iOS and AndroidUnlistr Pro for iOS and Android is now 100% free!

Unsubscribe 1000 emails at a time from your inbox
Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL or IMAP/POP over SSL
Skip blacklisted IP addresses that send malicious email
Maintain ignore or keep list for Unlistr to skip
Multiple accounts and scan across multiple accounts
Scan more than 50 emails on any folder
Designate IMAP folders including the SPAM/Junk folder
Set a schedule and let Unlistr run in the background
Automatic updates to unsubscribe definitions
High priority ticket support
Pricing FREE!

Available on the App StoreAvailable on Google Play

Unlistr for iOS/Android is free with no adsYup, no catches. We appreciate your support - please spread the word!